What is the Associativy project?

The aim of the Associativy project is to create a general-purpose, open web platform that can serve as a base for building knowledge bases that are organized through associative connections (semantic networks). Our vision:

  • Knowledge graph: the representation of the knowledge base is a graph whose edges represent associative connections between nodes
  • Discover associations: the knowledge graph can be searched through its nodes and it's possible to display parts of the knowledge graph
  • Open source: the platform is an open source software, so its development can be directly influenced by those who use it
  • Stable but flexible base: the platform makes it possible for developers to build exceptional softwares and unique knowledge bases on top of it relatively easy, but is flexible enough to not hinder customization
  • Network of networks: it's possible to connect knowledge bases to share information between them
  • Open source knowledge: if the owner allows it, the content of a knowledge base is accessible for users and other softwares as well

This way a network of unique, specialized knowledge bases following the structure of human thinking can come to life.

Associativy runs on the ASP.NET MVC Orchard content management framework (it's a collection of Orchard modules that can be used in any Orchard installation) and is written in C#.