How to host Associativy knowledge bases

Associativy runs on the ASP.NET MVC Orchard content management framework. You basically have two possibilities to use Associativy:

  • Hosting Associativy instances yourself
  • Using pre-built Associativy hosting

Hosting Associativy instances

For Associativy to run on your server you should have everything Orchard needs to run (that means a preferably Full Trust ASP.NET hosting with MS SQL Server) and install the Associativy modules you need.

By hosting Associativy yourself you get a fine-grained control over everything, including how graphs are stored, accessed or rendered. This way you can build custom Orchard modules that use Associativy services.

Using pre-built Associativy hosting

By letting others host Associativy instances for you you can use Associativy without any knowledge about ASP.NET or C#. You can create and maintain graphs from an admin UI well, but not everything is possible to customize without writing code.

Coming soon!

Either way

Thanks to the RESTful web services that expose much of Associativy's functionality you can write software for any platform (including JavaScript, PHP, Python or other web applications, mobile or desktop applications) that communicates with a knowledge base.