How to create tag graphs

Suppose you've some tagged content items on your Orchard site (like blogposts) you can automatically generate graphs from them using their tags. There is a tag graph on too, generated from blogposts.

  1. Install and enable the Associativy Tags Adapter module.
  2. If it wasn't already enabled, this will enable the Associativy User Graphs feature what adds a new creatable content type, Associativy Graph. Click on it in the admin menu to get to the graph editor. (If you haven't already, please read the documentation on how to manage graphs from the admin UI)
  3. Choose the content type of the tagged items you want to have in the graph. E.g. if you want to generate a tag graph from your blog, select BlogPost.
  4. Tick "This is a Tag Graph".
  5. After saving your new tag graph will be listed among the other graphs. Click on the "Process all tagged and contained items" to start indexing items.
  6. Depending on the amount of tagged content items this will take a bit of time, but soon you'll see that the tag graph is populated with content items.