Architectural overview

The Associativy framework consists of the following modules:

  • Associativy Core (including tests): includes everything that is needed always when you develop something with Associativy
  • Administration: makes it possible to administer Associativy graphs from the admin UI, including creating graphs
  • Frontends: includes various frontend engines to render graphs
  • Extensions: various extensions building on Associativy, e.g. Projector filters and tokens
  • Tags Adapter: creates graphs from tagged Orchard contents
  • Web Services: exposes much of Associativy's functionality through RESTful web services - Coming soon after the release of Orchard 1.6
  • Neo4j driver (including tests): with this module you can use a Neo4j graph database as Associativy's underlying storage


  • Notions: a demo Associativy instance
  • Wikipedia: and instance dedicated to store interconnections of Wikipedia articles; currently under heavy development

3rd party modules:

These modules can include more than one features (meaning feature in the Orchard sense here).

You can install Associativy modules into any Orchard instance, you don't need the full Orchard package included in the main Associativy repo.

In addition to that there is a WinForms NCrawler host application and a corresponding crawler plugin class library project, to be published soon.