Associativy now has Neo4j support!

Tags: Neo4j, graph database, storage, update

As previously announced, Associativy now gets support for the Neo4j graph database! Neo4j is a real graph database, especially suited for applications like Associativy. If you're using Neo4j as the underlying storage for Associativy graphs, you can count on better performance and scalability if a graph is enormously huge.

The new Associativy Neo4j driver at the current stage only has an implementation for IConnectionManager, but not yet for IPathFinder. This means that a graph can fully be stored and managed in a  Neo4j database, but searching may be suboptimal at the time. IPathFinder implementation will come later.

There's a new demo graph provider in the Notions instance. Check it out!

This won't be possible without the awesome Neo4jClient library that makes it possible to use the Java-base Neo4j from a .NET application through RESTful web services!