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  • Associativy now has Neo4j support!

    Tags: Neo4j, graph database, storage, update

    As previously announced, Associativy now gets support for the Neo4j graph database! Neo4j is a real graph database, especially suited for applications like Associativy. If you're using Neo4j as the underlying storage for Associativy graphs, you can count on better performance and scalability if a graph is enormously huge.

    The new Associativy Neo4j driver at the current stage only has an implementation for IConnectionManager, but not yet for IPathFinder. This means that a graph can fully be … more

  • Neo4j support on its way!

    Tags: Neo4j, graph database, storage, update

    Thanks to the excellent Neo4jClient library Associativy will soon support a real graph database, Neo4j! This will potentially mean the ability to have enormously big graphs and very complex, custom lookups. To make Associativy play along with Neo4j is a challenging task, but count on me! more

  • Graphs now stored in cache

    Tags: storage, caching, update

    As mentioned earlier, for performance reasons Associativy loads the whole graph (persisted in the SQL DB) into memory upon the first request to access the specific graph (it's also possible to have purely in-memory graphs BTW!). Formerly this was done by storing the graph in an ISingletonDependency, meaning in an object that lived in an Orchard tenant for the whole life time of the shell. This worked, but wasn't particularly nice and absolutely not scalable.

    With the new implementation, the … more