Notions demo graph

This is the Notions demo graph made with Associativy. It contains some English notions that have associative connections between them, i.e. two nodes are connected if they relate to each other in some way. The graph has no particular purpose besides demonstrating some of the frontend capabilities of Associativy.

Graphs in Associativy can be viewed through frontend engines; Associativy comes bundled with three of them. This visualization here uses the Jit frontend engine and there is one using the Dracula, and another one using the Graphviz engine.

Feel free to play with the graph! You can drag it around, zoom in and out by scrolling. With the slider on the left you can view upper (less dense) layers of the graph.

When you click on a node it will get emphasized; and when you click the explore button appearing to the right of the labels, you can explore the graph through viewing smaller, partial graphs.

You can also make searches: you can type one or more labels into the auto-completing search box, separated by commas. This is when Associativy "thinks": it makes associations based on the input and finds nodes that match the input best. Go ahead, ask Associativy something!

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