What's Associativy?

The aim of the Associativy project is to create a general-purpose, open web platform that can serve as a base for building knowledge bases that are organized through associative connections. In Associativy knowledge is represented as a graph, as a network of knowledge items, where the nodes are pieces of knowledge and the edges between them mean an associative connection in the human sense. The project's ultimate goal is to provide a system that can store knowledge similarly structured to how our mind works and what can be "asked" to "think" about associations.

Notions demo graph

As viewed through Associativy's built-in frontend engines:

Check out this blog's graph generated by using tags

News from Associativy

  • The "tags" feature of the Lombiq blog is driven by Associativy

    Tags: Lombiq, Tag Nodes

    In the blog of Lombiq posts are tagged, or at least so it seems. In reality the blog's tags are driven by Tag Nodes that offers a very lightweight way of building Associativy graphs. This gives the blog more flexibility on how to display and fetch related items as well as opens up the possibility to show the whole graph in the future. more

  • Tag Nodes module released

    Tags: Lombiq, Tag Nodes, release

    Lombiq recently released another new Associativy module, Tag Nodes. The module lets you use an Associativy graph just as you would use simple tags: nodes can be added pretty much like tags, but still, there is a proper graph in the background with all the Associativy goodies. Check it out! more

  • Associativy driving Orchard Dojo's graph

    Tags: release, Orchard Dojo, Lombiq

    I recently co-founded Lombiq Technologies Ltd., a company focusing on Orchard services. One of our first products is Orchard Dojo: it's a website about Orchard trainings and self-taught learning. The whole content of Orchard Dojo is organized in an Associativy graph (and no other form of categorization or tagging is used), the Orchard Dojo Graph. We're currently using it just for displaying related contents but interesting other uses will come in the future. more

  • Associativy demo on the Orchard Community Meeting

    Tags: update, demo

    There was a short demo of the latest state of Associativy on the Orchard Community Meeting. What you can see will be part of the upcoming release and is already available for testing in the source code. There is a new branch called 1.7 too. It contains some code that works only with the latest source (building up the upcoming v1.7) of Orchard, taking advantage of the new feature of being able to have multiple search indices.

    In short, there are many improvements what you can already see and … more

  • Associativy on NLP Meetup Budapest

    Tags: session, talk, nlp meetup

    Today Associativy was featured on the Web Intelligence session of the Natural Language Processing Meetup Group Budapest with a presentation given by me (Zoltán Lehóczky). Many bright people gathered, so it was a great experience and a nice opportunity for Associativy: it seems that we'll keep in touch with multiple teams as we see ways of collaboration. more

  • Don't create more than one ad-hoc graph please!

    Tags: ad-hoc graphs, update

    Ad-hoc graphs, i.e. graphs that are simply creatable from the admin UI are not meant for storing anything of serious size. For that you really should implement your own graph provider what's not really complex. The upcoming release of Associativy will feature much better ad-hoc graph support (remember: automatically generated tag graphs are ad-hoc graphs too!) but the migration is not very easy. To keep things simple please don't create more than one ad-hoc graph for now. Migration will only be … more

  • Associativy officially released!

    Tags: release, Orchard Gallery

    Associativy modules, although published, weren't really released till now, but now they're on the Orchard Gallery! So it's possible to install them from the Orchard dashboard conveniently, not just by downloading or cloning the source from the project websites. (Be aware that Associativy Administration is not yet on the Gallery, because the upload gives an "access denied" error every time... If you want to install it from a nupgk, download it from here.) more